Acharya Ram Kumar

With over 30 years of experience in the field of astrology, Acharya Ram Kumar is a pioneer in his field. His astrological work has been featured in various popular magazines in India like the Saubhagya Deep, Sadhna Path and JyotishRatnakar. He has been awarded on various forums and his astrological research has been recognized for its path breaking findings. “BhavishyaPhalSitaron Se Hal” on Channel News 24 featured Ram Kumar Gupta and he spoke on the day’s forecast. Acharya Ram Kumar Gupta is a vedic astrologer and all his predictions are based on vedic astrology. He has a strong intuition and it is this foresight combined with the knowledge of astrology that helps him guide his clients realistically without any vague promises or predictions. The accuracy of his predictions have helped him establish a long term bond with those who have consulted him for career, love, financial matters, personal relationships, children, property, losses, business, etc.

Acharya Ram Kumar Gupta relies heavily on facts in order to make predictions for issues that a client is battling with. Nothing is a general hypothesis. All his reports and consultations over the phone are driven by analysis of the birth chart and mapping it with astrological facts at hand. The position of the stars indicates the fortune of the client and accurately studying these positions can help the astrologer identify issues and provide the client with realistic solutions. The remedies suggested by Acharya Ram Kumar Gupta can greatly help reduce the problems that linger in one’s life. Waiting around for problems to go away may not be the wise thing to do.

Acharya Ram Kumar Gupta is currently engaged with writing a book based on his research and this will be a definitive work in his career that will profoundly help believers of astrology to lead a holistic life. Research in this field never ends and with new findings, the scope for doing more is an ever expanding process. He has a team of astrologers that works with him and together, they have deeply enriched many lives around the world with their solutions. Acharya Ram Kumar Gupta is also on the panel of astroyogi.com and can be contacted for quick guidance on any issue that affects one’s life and wellbeing.

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